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LOG 2129 — IT’S OVER

The simple DNA of a frog fused with our own. It was meant to be humanity’s next big leap. Not this… whatever this is…

Miles under the darkest corner of the city, one power outage was all it took. The frogs took hold of their degenerative hosts, spilling out of their spawn chambers. Spitting a new species into the sewers.

Sewer with spawn chambers
No longer human. No longer frog. An experiment that was meant to create new life, taking on a complete life of its own.

They survived down there for a while. Navigating the dark. Exploring their new consciousness. But why lurk in the dark when you can live in the light?

One-by-one, they leaked into the city. They got used to the rhythm. Found their own style. Got to grips with the local tongue. A few got jobs. Settled down. One’s a lifeguard. One works on the meat counter at Dino’s deli. They’re part of the place now, and it doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere fast.

Frog leaving the sewer


The frogs are part of the community now, but they’re all unique.

Some blend in, some stand out. Some you’ll bump into every other day. Some you’ll see once in a blue moon. To keep track of them, we place every fren on a 6-tier scale, depending on how rare they are:


  1. Common
  2. Uncommon
  3. Rare
  4. Hypebeast
  5. Legendary
  6. God

168+ unique traits


1,500 / 3,333


900 / 3,333


650 / 3,333


250 / 3,333


32 / 3,333


1 / 3,333

Season 1

Part I

Alpha Drop

3,333 unique $FRENs will be minted.

Distributed Royalties

100% of all royalty income will be automatically distributed between $FREN holders, via the Community Rewards contract, and claimable via the My Frens page on the website.

Community Farming

A treasury will be established into the community Gnosis Safe and used for High-Yield farming. The monthly rewards will be distributed between all $FREN holders, via the Community Rewards contract, and claimable via the My Frens page on the website.

Frog Spawn

Post mint, our ERC-20 token $SPAWN will be distributed via NFT staking rewards and will provide further utility to $FREN holders. More exciting news to come on this as we develop the tokenomics...

Table with burning cigarette, cash and a mobile phone

Part II

Bespoke Frens

We will be giving away a chance for up to 10 $FREN holders to win a completely bespoke Fren, from our talented illustrator.

Bonfire (Burn-to-Print)

We will be holding quarterly events enabling $FREN holders to burn their $FREN in exchange for a physical signed art print, creating deflationary supply on the collection.

Merch Store

Digital art is not always best appreciated from behind a screen, this is why we want to launch an exclusive Merchandise Store for our $FREN holders.

To Be Continued...

This is only the beginning of big things to come my fren!

Road sign which reads 'Perks galore'


A non-fungible token (NFT) is a non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a blockchain, a form of digital ledger, that can be sold and traded.

8th April 18:00 UTC

0.5 AVAX🔺

There will only be 3,333 in total.

You can use our very own minting form.

Our frens are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Avalanche🔺 blockchain with metadata & images hosted on IPFS.

Yes, currently 250 WL spots will be available of which the first 100 will be given to OG discord members.
WL will be a discounted mint before public mint.

Upon reaching 100% mint, the treasury will be established and invested into high-yield farms. This will be across a number of low/medium/high-risk strategies to ensure both profitability and longevity of the treasury.

The monthly rewards will be distributed between all $FREN holders, via the Community Rewards contract, and claimable via the My Frens page on the website.

The community voted and concluded that the royalty fee will be set to 3%.

Because we are committed to providing our community maximum value for holding, 100% of this fee is going straight into the Community Reward contract. This is then automatically distributed between all our $FREN holders, providing them with a passive income.

Holders will be able to claim their share of the royalties & treasury rewards from the My Frens page. They will also be automatically claimed upon transfer/sale of the NFT by the Community Rewards contract

The Scientists

Meet the team behind the experiment.



Creative Director
Major Frog

Major Frog

Blockchain Aficionado